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Pablo Gobira

Antônio Mozelli


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SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg

PoemAPP "Covid-19" was developed by Pablo Gobira and Antônio Mozelli, members of the Laboratory of Front Poetics ( as a result of the research and development projects "Digital literacy of digital art: art producing new realities in basic education" (CNPq, FAPEMIG and PROPPG/UEMG) and "New realities: artistic interfaces and construction of realities" (CNPq, FAPEMIG and PROPPG/UEMG). The PoemAPP "Covid-19" is a digital poem in augmented reality. To experience the work, the application must be installed on your smartphone with the Android operating system, so that you can see and interact with the poem. After installing the application: 1) open the image of the virus causing Covid-19 on a screen you can point your smartphone camera at; 2) open the Covid19 app on your smartphone and point the rear camera at the virus image; 3) if you want to interact with the application while the words come out of the virus just tap the touch screen.

Pablo Gobira, Antônio Mozelli

Escola Guignard, PPGArtes/UEMG; PPGGOC/UFMG

Pablo Gobira is a professor at Escola Guignard (UEMG), at the Graduate Program in Arts (UEMG) and at the Graduate Program in Knowledge Management and Organization (UFMG). Researcher of productivity from CNPq. Coordinator and member of the Advisory Board for Human, Social Sciences, Education and Arts at FAPEMIG (2019-2022). Researcher member and service manager of the Brazilian Network of Digital Preservation Services (IBICT/MCTIC, Brazil). Coordinator of the research group (CNPq) Laboratory of Front Poetics []. He published several books, articles and, in 2021, launched the following books co-organized with professors Lucia Santaella and Raúl Niño Bernal respectively: "Digital games: their playful and multiple realities" (LPF, 2021); "Relationships between art, science and technology: contemporary creative trends" (LPF, 2021).

Antônio Mozelli has a Master's Degree in Arts (UEMG). He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from FUMEC University and a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Escola Guignard (UEMG). Currently develops research and works in the field of digital arts and explores the use of virtual reality in interactive immersion environments and artificial intelligence. He is a member of the research group (CNPq) Laboratory of Front Poetics [].



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