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Kent Mecpherson

Paul Nelson


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SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg

According to the World Health Organisation, unwanted auditory stimuli in the form of noise

pollution is the number-two threat to public health, after air pollution. Anthropogenic noise pollution pervades our time and space. It heightens our levels of anxiety and affects the communication patterns of birds and animals. Noise seeks to question the conventions of time and space. How much unwanted noise are our brains programmed to filter out? How does constant human din, in both urban and rural environments affect our ability to concentrate, or impact on our levels of stress. The artists invite the audience to immerse themselves in familiar and unfamiliar spaces. To engage in active listening and viewing. The audience is invited to ponder the relationship between a space’s appearance and its sonic character.

Kent Macpherson, Et al.

School of Media Arts, Wintec

Kent Macpherson is a Hamilton based sonic artist, composer, researcher and audio technology lecturer (Wintec). His research practice includes capturing found and unfound sound,  improvisation, performance and electroacoustic composition.

His sonic art practice (primarily the practice of field recording (phonography) utilises geophones, contact microphones and hydrophones to capture the sounds of resonant structures, wine fermentation, seismic movement, electromagnetic pulses and natural ambiences. Outputs focus on acousmatic installations and sound documentary, focusing on the re-contextualisation of hidden sounds in new environments.

Paul M. Nelson is an American expat filmmaker and visual artist based in Hamilton. His practice draws on his diverse background spanning analogue, digital and emerging technologies.

He is a passionate storyteller using various forms of documentary to discover beauty in both the extraordinary and the seemingly mundane. Glimpses of beauty are then revealed to the viewer in installations using various forms of viewports. His practice often fuses multiple technologies to produce work which strives toward a high technical aesthetic.



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